Join CoH Leadership

Our call to fill three leadership positions within the Caucus on Homelessness is now open until July 31, 2016 11:59pm Pacific. Email our Chair, Ben King at, and Chair-elect Dr. Jack Tsai at to inquire for more details. The positions available include:

    • Membership Chair
    • Social Media and Networking Chair
    • Student Liaison

The fundamental requirements for each of the roles are outlined below:

Membership Chair

  • Primarily responsible for recruitment of new members into the Caucus throughout the year, including at the APHA annual meeting
  • Collects and tracks membership survey responses, including facilitation of members interested in getting involved with caucus activities
  • Orients new members about the Caucus and updates membership about ongoing activities and events
  • Reports membership lists annually, via the Caucus Chair and Caucus Collaborative representative to APHA staff

Social Media and Networking Chair

  • Works closely with the membership chair
  • Manages the website content posts
  • Manages content on the Caucus’s Facebook page
  • Explores new ways to network and develop social media presence
  • Coordinates social activities planning for the annual meeting

Student liaison

  • Attends both Caucus and APHA Student Assembly meetings and functions
  • Maintains communication line between Caucus and APHA Student Assembly
  • Coordinates and assists the Caucus mentorship program

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