Equity at the intersection of race and housing

Mortality data associated with COVID-19 shines an uncomfortably bright light on inequitable outcomes stemming from institutional racism in America. A significant body of evidence has long proven that communities of color face inequities leading to worse health outcomes and higher rates of homelessness than their white counterparts. The current pandemic has amplified the devastating effects of these disparities.

In a guest blog for APHA Public Health Newswire on behalf of the APHA Caucus on Homelessness, Rose Englert, Ben King, PhD, MPH, and John Gilvar describe the immediate steps that communities can take to “ensure that spending priorities and strategic responses to the pandemic do not end up worsening the effects we observe in our current housing system outcomes.”

Read and share their full piece: http://www.publichealthnewswire.org/?p=covid-19-and-homeless

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